Thank You Congressman Jason Smith

Thank you Congressman Jason Smith for standing up to corporate welfare for the electric car industry. Subsidies for electric vehicles benefit the richest Americans and cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

Congressman Smith and Senator John Barrasso have introduced legislation to repeal the $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit:

“Missouri’s families and farmers shouldn’t be footing the bill for others to drive high-end electric vehicles,” said Congressman Smith. “The Electric Vehicle Tax Credit has benefited the wealthy at the expense of everyday Americans just trying to get by. It’s time to end this wasteful subsidy and help rebuild our nation’s infrastructure by ensuring every driver contributes to improving the roads we all use.”

“It’s time to end the electric vehicle tax credit,” said Senator Barrasso. “The Fairness for Every Driver Act will save taxpayers billions of dollars and help keep our roads safe. The legislation levels the playing field for all cars across America. Gas, electric, and alternative fuel vehicles all use the same roads and put the same amount of wear and tear on those roads. Every driver should contribute to maintain America’s highways.”













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